Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Teddy Bear...History

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The lovable teddy bear can be found in various forms all around the world. It shows up primarily in stuffed animal form, but is also found on t-shirts, dresses, posters, lunch boxes, and more. Most people do not know that teddy bears haven't been around that long. In fact, the teddy bear was invented in the U.S. and Germany almost at the same time during the early 20th century.

In November 1902, U.S. President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was involved in a hunting expedition in Mississippi. He was in the area in order to settle a border dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana. An avid hunter, Roosevelt was disappointed because he couldn't find any big game to shoot during the hunt. In response, his host caught a black bear cub and tied it to a tree so Roosevelt could kill it.

Indian and American

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An Indian and an American are seated next to each other on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. The American asks if he would like to play a fun-game.

The Indian, tired, just wants to take a nap, so he politely declines and rolls over to the window to catch a few winks.

The American persists and explains that the game is easy and a lot of fun.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Young man and the Bulls

Prism Google Corner Young man and the BullsPrism Google Corner Young man and the Bulls

A young man wished to marry the farmer's beautiful daughter. He went to the farmer to ask his permission.
The farmer looked at him and said, "Son, go stand out in that field. I'm going to release three bulls, one at a time. If you can catch the tail of any one of the three bulls, you can marry my daughter."

Cocodle Help a child

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-Help a child, start using Cocodle!
Prism Google Corner Cocodle Help a child

, powered by Google Custom Search, is an initiative towards helping underprivileged and differently-abled children with the revenue generated through online search.

What all we are asked for is to just use the site, nothing more. With Cocodle, you will get the same results you get in Google for any particular search, but it gives you one more good reason to search with your favorite search engine - and that is " helping underprivileged and differently-abled children across the globe ".

Deer running over water

I bet one of the best photo U've ever seen
Have you ever seen a Deer running over water ?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

if Unmarried girl is pregnant

Young unmarried girl discovers that she is pregnant. Scared??..She confides this ' news' to her mother.
Shouting, cursing, crying, the mother says, "Who was the pig that did This to you? I want to know!"

The girl picks up the phone and makes a call. Half an hour later a Ferrari stops in front of their house; a mature And distinguished man with grey hair and impeccably dressed in a very expensive suit steps out of it and enters the house.

Interview with sardarjith

A sardarji goes for a job interview in an office. The interviewer starts
with the basics. "So, Mr, can you tell us your age, please?"

The sardarji counts carefully on his fingers for half a minute before replying. "Um ... 22."

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cancel Your Credit Cards Before You Die

Prism Google Corner Cancel Your Credit Cards Before You DiePrism Google Corner Cancel Your Credit Cards Before You Die

Be sure and cancel your credit cards before you die. This is so priceless, and so easy to see happening, customer service being what it is today.

Super Computer Animation

Just click on play,

then leave the mouse alone , sit back and

enjoy a piece of creative brilliance.

I wonder who had 'time' to do this.

A very touching moment after 30 years meet

Prism Google Corner A very touching moment after 30 years meet
Year :1975
Situation :Last day of school

Which is more Painful?

Which is more painful ?
This one...
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Comments on Marriages

Prism Google Corner Comments on MarriagesPrism Google Corner Comments on Marriages

Man: Is there any way for long life?

Dr: Get married.
Man: Will it help?
Dr: No, but the thought of long life will never come.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Burj Dubai marks Monument.Jewel Icon

Prism Google Corner Burj Dubai

Tallest building in World will be opened on January 4

Prism Google Corner Tallest building in World will be opened on January 4

Burj Dubai will be opened on January 4 to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the accession to power by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

"We have opted to officially open the tower on this date as a gesture of gratitude towards Sheikh Mohammed, who is the builder of modern Dubai," said Emaar Chairman Mohammed Ali Alabbar.

Etisalat unveils its own phone

Prism Google Corner Etisalat unveils its own phone
The device comes with a Wasel SIM card and Dh165 of free airtime credit for international calls, over a period of three months. (SUPPLIED)

Etisalat unveiled its first self-branded mobile device on Monday, as revealed by Emirates Business on October 8.